Introducing... Jeric Yuen

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Written by Eleonore

At the end of September, Crumpled Dog welcomed a brand-new recruit into the fold. Introducing: Jeric Yuen, senior Umbraco developer, part-time marathon runner, and full-time foodie.

Here are a few facts about Jeric we've learned over the past few weeks:

  • He eats a lot of food, particularly very spicy food
  • He runs marathons in his spare time.
  • He did ‘Tough Mudder’ once and lost his shoe half way round, so ran the remaining 7 miles wearing just one.
  • He proudly wears Crocs.
  • He likes to keep busy.
  • He learns almost as fast as he runs.

We're excited to have Jeric on board with us as a new addition to our ever-growing team!