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What we offer

  • Strategy, planning, infrastructure consultancy
  • Web design & build, SLA and maintenance
  • Accessibility
  • Editor experience and UX
  • Performance
  • CRM integration
  • Donation platform integration
  • Membership and administrator dashboards

We work for organisations such as Amnesty.org, The Rhodes Trust, Independent Schools Council, The Operational Research Society and The Federation of Master Builders.

Take a look at our Rhodes Trust Accessibility Case Study Video below

Also see our pdf case study here

  • Why is this important right now?
  • What are the legal obligations and what are the moral and ethical issues?
  • How much user engagement is lost?  
  • How to write and structure content to best enable user journeys 
  • How to help your disabled audience engage with your content 
  • How an accessible site looks compared to one that isn’t 
  • How to work with both internal audiences and external suppliers to get the best results 


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