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What is SEO?

It's about good, relevant content. Understanding that is the key to good SEO. We think about the product or service and we think about the audience for this, and hatch cunning plans to deliver great stuff for the User and in turn, great stuff for search engines to index. We keep it fresh, relevant and up to date.

On-page SEO

Our core Umbraco product has been tailored by Crumpled Dog with good SEO in mind. We have configured it to do a lot of the hard work for our clients. On-page SEO is an important part of the SEO of any website. Getting the right elements on the page, like titles, body copy, images and meta data, is dealt with by default.

Our SEO strategy

It's simple, really. Our SEO strategy is about being interested in our clients' journeys. Anyone who has worked with us on an SEO remit would agree that we live and breathe SEO as part of any web project.

Local SEO

Much of what we do is about "Local" searches. People tend to be searching for products and services local to themselves. The FMB (Federation of Master Builders) website illustrates this.

Validation and refinement

Our SEO journey is a continuing one, and we use our experience to review and test our theories. We test search phrases for optimisation, and focus on that. 

Case studies

Extrarooms want to be visible to people searching for "sound proofed garden rooms". Check it out.

PA London want to be found for people searching for PA's in town e.g. : "PA in London'.


We test our SEO in a number of ways. What does the User Experience when they search and find a site. Where do we rank. How much traffic do we get. How does that convert. What can we do to make it better. The proof is in the stats. All of our case studies show some highs and lows. The many tools we use allow us to analyse visitor behaviour and prove if our SEO strategy is working.

SEO & SEM Case Studies

Crumpled Dog are proud sponsors of

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