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Like the formation of a comic book superhero, the name Crumpled Dog came from a series of unlikely events. During a late night rebranding session we noticed that the rejected and discarded ideas on scrunched up paper resembled a small dog and - in a flash - Crumpled Dog was born.

That was many years ago... We still reject bad ideas, but these days they're mostly consigned to the desktop dustbin. Crumpled Dog is centred on a few fundamental concepts: Creativity, strategy, technical ability, passion and the development of long-term consultative relationships - we've worked for one of our clients since 1965.

We are based in the heart of 'Shoreditch' London, yards from Old Street - offering Brand, Graphic Design, Umbraco Web Design and CMS, UX, UA and more... we are proud Umbraco Gold Partners. 

Crumpled Dog are proud sponsors of

Umbraco Spark