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Crumpled Dog are a dedicated team of creative and technically minded people who deliver everything from brands for bakeries to award winning Umbraco websites. Maintaining high levels of creativity and intelligence by living on a strict diet of red wine, craft beer and snacks. Nothing more.

Christian Stanley

Managing Director - Client Services


Christian Stanley


Christian took over the family business in 1990 and has since used his personality and pizzazz to build a reputation for exceptional client service and creative delivery.

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Scott Leaver

Director - UA/UX/SEO


Scott Leaver


Co-owner of Crumpled Dog, Scott is meticulous about wireframes, obsessive with analytics and sweats the small stuff. His care for detail probably stems from his early years designing egg cartons.

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Jeavon Leopold

Technical Director - Umbraco MVP


Jeavon Leopold - Umbraco MVP


Jeavon, another co-owner, has more technical knowledge than you can shake a stick at… Umbraco MVP and Head of Tech, he guides strategy for super-complex web projects with mind-boggling ease.

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Clive Cooper

Senior Digital Producer


Clive Cooper


The ‘who does what and when’ man. One of Clive’s many talents is coordinating resources, technology and clients for a match made in project streamlining heaven.

Gillian Scott

Studio manager & Team Support




In between half-marathons, Gillian is integral to the smooth running of the studio. She meets and greets, manages and mingles, and keeps us all on our toes.

Jack Stunell

Team Lead - Senior Umbraco/C# Developer




Like his title suggests, Jack's a clever chap; cool, calm and collected under mountains of code. An Umbraco expert with the patience of a saint, he makes a kick-ass mentor.

Jeric Yuen

Team Lead - Senior Umbraco/C# Developer




Jeric is our very own "pocket rocket" developer. He works fast, runs circles around code by day and runs marathons by night (with or without shoes…)

Hendy Racher

Umbraco/C# Developer




Otherwise known as ‘The Master’, when Hendy is in the zone dare not break his concentration. His ability to crack the most complex of problems means our clients can sleep at night… Even if he doesn’t. 

William Phillips

Front End Web Developer




William is our yes man - there isn’t anything he can’t make work in web. His technical ability and drive also means he is a strong competitor in office ping-pong...

Iulia Ionescu

Front End Web Developer




Returning to us after months of travels, Iulia puts imagination and creativity into her work with such natural flair.

Éléonore Beahan

Web Project Assistant and Content Creator




Éléonore is queen of organisation and is meticulous in making sure everything is present and correct. Her ability to spot missing links is second to none. Watch this space…

David Tennant-Eyles

Senior Graphic/Web Designer




David started out as an architect and now blends his love for process and creative delivery with the simpler things in life… such as working remotely from his yurt in Wales. Alright for some.

Monica Vernia

UX/UI Designer




Monica is the queen of UX/UI - with a background in specialist digital transformation and off-the-scale table tennis skills, she is clearly a very valuable asset to the team.

Antony Harrington

Digital Design Consultant


Anthony Harrington


Antony is a rare breed; his skills seamlessly merge a keen typographer's eye with detailed digital solutions. He has a can-do work ethic and some days we think he might just spontaneously combust in a puff of post-its.

Adam Bass

Brand Consultant


Adam Bass


Adam has over 15 years working with some of the biggest house brands. His quick wit and sharp business acumen means his Brand Workshops are worth their weight in gold.