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Crumpled Dog Sponsor Chase.livestream 8th-9th-10th Sept


Written by Christian Stanley

We'll be focusing on how we’ve helped The Rhodes Trust break down barriers  for disabled people and take a wider look at disability and usability from the user’s perspective .

  • Why is this important right now for the Charity and NFP sector
  • What are the legal, moral and ethical issues 
  • How much user engagement is lost  when a site in dificult to access
  • How to organisations can write and structure content to enable users  
  • How to create an inclusive space for your disabled audience  
  • How an accessible site looks compared to one that isn’t 
  • How to work with both internal and external stakeholders to get the best results  

Our 'VIRTUAL' expert HUB on the day will have many useful items, including The Rhodes TrustCase Study of best practice 

Crumpled Dog are proud sponsors of

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