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Carve's first fast casual dining restaurant opened on London's Tooley Street in August 2016. Stripping lunchtime to the bone, with high-protein high-impact meals of freshly roasted meats, fish and tofu with spices, rices, chillies, relishes and roots. A streamlined one-screen one-price cashless payment system gives quick access to Carvepots that have been hand carved and prepped by experts on live carving podiums, so customers can just tap, grab and go.

The brand pays homage to the premium bevel angle of 25 degrees for carving the perfect meat slice. This angle is found throughout the core brand elements, in-store details and POS. It plays its part by defining our strong visual language and is the foundation for key brand elements, in store atheistic and graphic icons. This is an extensive branding case study, from naming, logo identity, tone of voice, signage, in-store graphics, staff uniforms, iPad serving screen and UI/UX design, to packaging and POS. There are plans for a roll out of another five London locations over the next year. 

Here's what they said:

"You guys have really delivered a great result - Daniel Bear, Founder"

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