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The Rhodes Trust

The Rhodes Trust is an educational charity which brings together and develops exceptional scholars from across the globe. We have worked with the Rhodes Trust on a number of web development projects central to its aims and strategies, including the building of dedicated microsites for its fundraising efforts and showcasing its multiple venue hire facilities. 

Here's what they said:

"There are so many lessons from working with the team at Crumpled Dog developing dedicated microsites to streamline the journey for applicants for the Rhodes Scholarship from around the world, showcasing the amazing new facilities at Rhodes House and supporting our development team as they grow the Scholarships available to students from Africa and across the world. Real clarity about the purpose of an online journey and doing the tough work to focus on what users need helps so much when working with a team who can produce pages that look elegant and function really well. It's great when you're working with talented and responsive folks. - Ben Russell, Communications Director"

Rhodes Exponential Potential
Rhodes House Venue

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